Vegan Halloween sweets pouch

Spooky Sweet Pouch

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A fully eco friendly pouch filled with a HUGE random mixture of SPOOKY vegan sweets! 

  • 900 grams of Spooky themed vegan sweets
  • Fully Compostable Pouch

Here's what you can expect from our halloween SPOOKY vegan sweet pouch: 

The pouch contains a 900g RANDOM mixture from our range of Halloween vegan sweets.

These may include and are not limited to the following: 

Dracula teeth, Fizzy Dracula Teeth, Green Sour Skulls, Blueberry Sour Skulls, Fizzy Worms, Raspberry Foam Skulls, Mini Skull Gummies, Sour Skulls, Sour Cola Skulls, Melon foam Skulls, pumpkin jellies.

We can also include some of our spooky liquorice sweets if you select the liquorice option.

We know you care for the environment as much as we do so we made sure our resealable pouches are eco friendly and 100% Compostable within 10 weeks.

Our vegan sweet pouches are made out of pure plant power! Made fully from Kraft & Cellulose which is from plants! even the zip lock! Keeping your sweets fresh and the environment happy.

Please note this product is a mixture from our range of sweets and has the following ALLERGEN WARNINGS: WHEAT, SOY, NUTS, SULPHITES.