About us

We started VESWEETIES because we couldn't find anywhere to Pick & Mix vegan sweets to satisfy the sweet side of us all.

We have made it our mission to source the very best vegan sweets you can get your hands on! 

With years of experience in the vegan sweet market we are self proclaimed vegan sweet experts and you won't find anywhere better to treat yourself! 

We offer a massive range of Vegan Sweets, Sweet pouches, Gift Boxes, Subscriptions, Gift Jars and more sweet stuff!

You can be 100% certain all of our products are free of animal ingredients & derivatives 

As important as vegan sweets are the environment needs to be looked after first!

The environment is very important to our company and we aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible, using as many recycled, recyclable & compostable materials as we can and never plastic wrapped sweets!

Find our more about our packaging here.

1 Tree is planted for every order; We are partnered with ecologi who support sustainable tree planting around the world: 

We are both really passionate about the environment and world causes

Find out more about our tree planting here.


You can visit our FAQ here to learn more or start exploring our vegan sweets and start pick & mixing your favourite vegan sweets here!