100% Vegan Guaranteed

100% Vegan Sweets

You already know this but here at vesweeties we only stock sweets confirmed vegan by manufacturer, so you'll find no nasty animal products like gelatine and animal based E numbers here, in fact nothing animal related just some of the best tasting sweets around. We would say they are the sweetest sweets in the world with eco-friendly packaging and a tree planted with every order.. they certainly are sweet!

100% Vegan Chocolate 

Chocolate lover? Join the Club! We have some really amazing chocolate bars and chocolate pick and mix all 100% vegan of course. From some of the best branded Chocolate bars to Chocolate Honeycomb, Chocolate Raisins and Choccy Buttons. 

100% Vegan Fudge

Vegan fudge that's chunky, creamy and delicious; From classic vanilla fudge, chocolate and salted caramel to chocolate orange and strawberry and cream fudge. We are your new favourite place to stock up on vegan fudge! 


Vegan Gluten Free Options 

We are here for you gluten free vegans! With a absolutely massive range of vegan gluten free sweets and treats



So yes everything is vegan! From the fudge, chocolate to the biscuits and marshmallows it's all vegan guaranteed. 

We only stock products and treats with eco friendly packaging so you won't see any plastic packaged products here either, go check out the vegan treats and vegan chocolate bars in our more sweet stuff section to find your new favourite treats from these great companies that are doing their bit for the planet.