Sweets Supporting Sweet Charities

Sweets Supporting Sweet Charities

We select charities to feature on our checkout page as a donation.

Our current charity is Deans Farm Trust this is a great sanctuary to donate to; if you can donate at checkout every part of the tip left to them at checkout will go to them and the animals they look after.

dean farm trust charity



" Dean Farm Trust Animal Sanctuary is made up of 62 acres of beautiful countryside and provides a home-for-life to over 200 residents, including donkeys, ponies, goats, dogs, rabbits, cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, and turkeys. Every resident at the sanctuary receives personalised care, based on their own needs and history, and they have the space that they need to live in social groups, with their friends and family.


The small team at the sanctuary is supported by up to 50 volunteers. Everyone involved is there because they believe that animals have the right to live in peace, without being harmed or exploited. They work hard to give their rescued residents the best possible life, while educating the public with the aim of making the world a more compassionate place."