vegan sweets

New Sweets!

A massive load of new sweets have hit our vegan pick and mix selections!
Check them out below!

Baby Bubblegum Bottles

Fizzy small bubblegum bottles! A favourite of many in baby form

baby bubblegum bottles

Wine Gums

Fruity soft vegan wine gums! These need no introduction.

vegan wine gums

Blue Dummies

Super fizzy and fruity blue dummy shaped vegan sweets

vegan blue dummies

Gummy Tools

Fun tool shaped gummy sweets!

gummy tool sweets

Blue Bears

Gummy fizzy and fruity blue bears.

sour vegan bear sweets

Fizzy Meerkats

Fizzy Meerkats full of fruity flavour and a gummy texture.

fizzy meerkat sweets

Blue Tongues

Sour fruity blue tongue shaped sweets! 

fizzy sour vegan tongue sweets

Alphabet Gummies

Alphabet shaped gummy sweets fun and fruity!

gummy vegan sweets

Bubblegum Dummies

Super fizzy dummies with a bubblegum flavour!

Bubblegum dummy sweets


Add some of these new sweets to your favourite vegan pick and mix. Find your new favourite today!

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