Bulk vegan sweets


New to the store BULK vegan sweet pouches!

Vegan bulk sweets


Now you can grab a whopping sugar-rushing 1.5 kg pouch of your favourite sweet! 

Choose from our selection of bulk vegan sweets including bubs and gluten-free options

Bulk Bubs sweetsGluten free bulk vegan sweets

These bulk sweets are packaged in our resealable pouches which are eco-friendly and compostable.

They are made out of pure plant power! Made fully from Kraft & Cellulose which is from plants! even the zip lock! Keeping your sweets fresh and the environment happy.

You can find these BULK sweet pouches in our Party and Bulk collection!

We still offer tailored quotes for corporate, events and weddings too! So continue to get in touch with your favourite sweet company to find out more about these options.

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